Content Marketing for Startups & Solopreneurs

I'm Chloe Barnes, and people come to me when they're ready to get visible AF.

I'll hook you up with:

  1. Copy editing – I rewrite, optimise and add just the right level of personality to the copy you're already workin' with (I also repair AI-generated copy, nudge nudge)
  2. Consulting — I look at what you're doing, what you could be doing, and where to go from here (so you actually get that bright future you've been building Pinterest boards for)
  3. Done for you content writing — I write your lead magnet, blog posts, social captions or emails to make you *that brand* in everyone's DMs

Brands I work with usually:

  1. Want to sound witty, approachable, and human
  2. Have the budget to invest in specialist support
  3. Have a clear offer – product or service, or both
  4. Are well-established in their niche and business (min 1 year in business)
  5. Give a damn. About their work, the people they work with, and the impact they leave

If this sounds like you, there's a good chance we'll be a great fit. Head to my contact page to grab a copy of my service guide, and let's get this show on the road.