Clever brands hire me to charm the pants off their ideal clients.


Here's how I help:

I write copy that makes people laugh, which drops the 'ick' factor from sales.

Typical side effects include frenzied mashing of the following CTAs:

Sign up.
Yes, I'll buy this goat.

Here's where I help:

Your Product

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App, website, or digital product? I'll guide users through your world, one click at a time – with clear, warm product copy that makes people smile - then buy.

Your Voice

Pink text saying "hello"

Copy minus the cringe.
Your brand voice is the glue that holds this whole shebang together. Brands spend years defining this.
I'll help you get it right.

Your Stories

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Copy is nothing without connection.
I'll teach you the ins and outs of brand writing that'll help you disarm — then charm — your people.

Are you ready to kiss goodbye to plain, please-everyone branding?

And uncover the not–so–secret weapon that will cement your brand in people's minds, foreverandeverandever?

I've got what you need.
I'm Chloe Barnes. Let's have some fun.